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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Reverse Tethering Setup

What is Tethering?

Tethering is a process of sharing your phones mobile data with other devices like
Laptop, Tablet etc.

Reverse Tethering ?

 Reverse Tethering computer or laptop to receives internet data.
The transfer of internet data from PC to Android mobile can be done in two ways
1. Wi-Fi
2. USB

Connect Internet from Laptop to Android mobile through Wi-Fi ;
This method require :

1) A Laptop with Wi-Fi Enabled and Internet Connection
2) An Android mobile.
3) Software called Connectify.
First Download Connectify Software from  and install it on your Laptop. 
This software is available free for "Lite Hotspot Version" but it'll ask for pro or to buy it. 
But need not to worry, we have something for crack this apps.


Connectify Hotspot Pro + Dispatch Pro from any torrent site

>Install the latest version of Connectify
>Finish the entire installation
>Now launch Connectify Activator
>Click Activate PRO button
>Activator will show a message box saying Connectify successfully activated
>Wait 1 minute and Launch Connectify
>Ignore and close Activate Connectify Windows [image]
>That’s it you are ready to go with Connectify PRO !
>Launch Dispatch and make sure its PRO too

Connectify software makes your PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot and shares your Internet

Open the installed Connectify software,Since you are using the software for the first time you have to make some settings. In the settings tab you have to enter the Hotspot name and password in the next box.
In the Dropdown choose the network you wanted to share i.e. the current internet
connection you are using.

Now you are done turn on Wi-Fi on your Android mobile and connect to
the Hotspot you have setup.