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Monday, 30 July 2012

How To Make VHD (virtual hard disk)

:- here is some easiest steps to make vhd

1. open control panel,go to system & security & then click create & format partition.
2. move the mouse on logo which is on 2nd top allignment downward "view" named show/hide action pane & then  disk management(more action).
3. in more action create vhd
4. browse the location(drive) you wanna to reside your VHD file.
5. give the size of the virtual hard disk in mb/gb/tb.
6. select the virtual hard disk format (dynamically expanding/fixed size).
7. initialize the disk In Disk Management you will see the virtual drive listed as      unallocated space.
8. To begin using it you’ll need to Right-click and select Initialize Disk.
9. In the initialize disk box just keep MBR selected and hit OK. 
make new simple volume  after right click on unallocated space.
10. your virtual hard disk is now ready to use.
11. open your my computer & now you can use the disk.



This is a cool new feature that will let you use the disk as you would any type of real disk. You can encrypt it, share it out to other systems, store files to it…however you would use an extra disk connected to your system.

use it. nxt tym i vl lrn u HOW TO MAKE VIRTUAL                        RAM.

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